How Smart Use Of AC Can Shrink Your Electricity Bills?

With the changing climate worldwide, Air conditioners have been an inevitable part of human life. Even for cooler places like Australia, you need AC around the year to heat or cool the room. But the use of AC will definitely have a great impact on the electricity bill each month. Most AC users look for ways to reduce their electricity bills to the least extent possible. However, it is not possible to lower the electricity consumption of an AC unit, but with efficient use, one can have control over the increasing billing amount.

Here are a few steps that explain how to smartly use AC to shrink electricity bills

  • Do frequent maintenance-Most AC users do not go for annual maintenance as they think it is a waste of money to repair a well-running AC. But when you call an AC installation service provider for maintenance, they will open up the unit and deep clean it to make sure all parts are running smoothly. They will ensure that the ducts and airflow are clean and dust-free. A well maintained AC will also save you energy, and this will reflect a change in the amount in your electricity bill.


  • Control the temperature- To save energy, you can run your AC one degree below the required temperature. For example, will you feel the difference between 25 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius? No right. An AC uses a lot of energy to reduce one degree of room temperature. Therefore, changing your temperature setting from 25 to 26 degrees will not bring any change in the feel of the room but will reflect a lot of changes in your electricity bill.


  • Make it a cumulative goal- Controlling the temperature of the AC to save energy cannot be if all users are not aligned. So be it your home or office, call a meeting, or discuss your goal and explain your purpose of doing this. When each user contributes their part in achieving the goal, you will definitely achieve your purpose.


  • Change the filters-The AC filters are easy to remove. You can wash them when required. However, if your AC usage is more, contact the AC installation service providers and change the filters. This will not directly affect electricity consumption, but it will do so indirectly. Dirty or blocked air filters can obstruct the smooth airflow in the room; thus, you feel the AC is not working properly and further reduce or increase the temperature to get the desired room temperature. In the same way, if the AC filters are clean, they will allow a smooth flow of air and thus provide the exact room temperature asset.


  • Exchange your AC with a new VRF HVAC system-Old AC can consume more electricity. The reason is, as the parts are old, it needs more power to function properly. Therefore, to save electricity, it is a good option to change your old AC with the new VRF HVAC system. The VRF technology comes with a smart technology that helps you save energy up to 20% to 30%.


So, follow these points to save energy efficiently while enjoying a soothing temperature at your office and home.