Some Trustworthy Air Conditioners Brands You Can Rely On

Why would someone invest in an air conditioner to land up in trouble? There are proven benefits of having an AC installed in your home or at your workspace, ranging from productivity, peace of mind, improved concentration, and good sleep.

When you are choosing an AC, you need to check various factors from price, after-sales service, the aesthetic built, the efficiency of the unit, reliability, satisfaction of customers using the same. People would resort to trustworthy air conditioner brands to avoid complicated situations considering important reasons.

Let’s get a glimpse of the categories of AC that the brands offer:

Split system air conditioners

Split system AC are pocket-friendly units that add value to the decor of the home. These are efficient, perform high, and save your money on electricity bills. These wall mounted units add to the comfort of the user as they adjust the directional flow of air based on the stipulated levels of the room. The brands of many of the models come up with an inverter reverse cycle that adjusts heating and cooling as the climate change.

Wall-mounted or window air conditioners

Wall-mounted AC is contemporary that blends stylish factors, comfortable and provides value for money. These models have a reverse cycle inverter where heating and cooling is possible with the appliance.

Ducted Air conditioners

A ducted air conditioner has all the state-of-art features with two different units, one being an outdoor unit and another indoor unit and is noise-free. The attractive feeling is a feature called ‘Zoning’, which enables control of temperature in every single room of the house, even during the day. These are very efficient and proven to be friendly concerning reduced electricity bills. The complete unit can be accessed from the wall attached remote device.

Portable air conditioners

These units, although they are mentioned as portable, may not be that comfortable to move around. It works in the same pattern of absorbing the humid air in the atmosphere and converting them into cool air, and circulates it. Many models use water to cool the air to improve efficiency. This unit is likely to be noisier and is good enough to cool one person rather than the whole house or a room.

Top 5 trustworthy AC brands you can choose from

Taking into consideration diverse factors to choose the AC brand is provided with 5 points being the highest and 1 point being the least.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi heavy industries have been awarded under the category Best AC brand on the grounds of customer satisfaction and reliability of the brand. Hence this brand bags the first place. This has attracted many users for ease of installation and use, excellent energy efficiency, thereby resulting in reduced electricity bills. The quality of the filters is top-notch. There is a great level of satisfaction while using this in extreme weather conditions.


Kelvinator is great when it comes to trustworthiness, value for money, and ease of handling the equipment. Although installation is difficult in some cases, the users have it great for medium-sized to big sized rooms. The maintenance required is very minimal and is seen as a durable product.


The products of Panasonic are quite innovative with air purifiers built-in to the AC and also can be accessed through a smartphone. The air conditions of Panasonic are noiseless and keep the room cool as is expected. The product is known for reliability, and it is powerful, which makes it value for money.


Fujitsu products are of tremendous value for money and are suitable for a large house. The inverter facility in the unit makes it smart to convert to cooling or heating as is present in the room. The smartness of the AC is too much to take for some users, but the reliability of the products is high.


Daikin is appreciated for the cooling power and affordability, but the energy star is somewhere between 2 to 4 stars which makes it less energy efficient, and the customer satisfaction is 3 making it less reliable.

The brand purchased by the user depends upon the existing user’s experience and how trustworthy the air conditioner brands are.