Six Advantages of a Split System Air Conditioner Over A Central Air Conditioner

Split air conditioners are split into two or more units and have the compressor and condenser sitting outdoors, while the indoors has an installed air handler unit. Generally, a line set is established between these units and houses a power cable, copper refrigerant tubing, and a drain for proper condensation. Split ac installation services make the installation of air conditioners an easy task and a better alternative compared to central ac installation services. Here are a few advantages listed below:

#1: Easy Installation Process With Minimum Restructuring

Traditional air conditioners require a huge hole in your wall and ample space to place ducts. Therefore, you have to carry out a major restructure of your living space to install central air-cons. However, split air conditioners make the process much more comfortable with different units. Just place the different units in different home parts and make only a small hole in the wall to connect them.

#2: Efficient Energy Savings

Ductworks lead to a 30 per cent loss in cooling energy and increases the bills to an insane amount. In addition, uninsulated ductwork or unconditioned spaces that have ductworks lead to a significant drain on the power. As a result, it spikes up the electricity bill. Eliminate energy efficiency problems with split air conditioners that do not require ductworks and witness an upsurge in the savings on electricity.

#3: Elegant Aesthetics With Smooth Blending

Split air conditioners are small and have sleek, elegant bodies instead of large air conditioning units. They can easily blend with the home decor and be suspended in different locations on the wall.

#4: Silent And Smooth Operation

Air handler units function quietly and help smooth functioning areas like classrooms, bedrooms, and boardrooms, which require as little noise as possible. Install the condensers far from the living space, and enjoy silent operation with split air conditioners.

#5: Zoning To Save Money

With split ac installation services, you can zone your home into different areas and cool them individually. The split air-cons use separate thermostats in different zones instead of an individual thermostat in the central aircon. It helps you have control overcooling and helps you save money on your electricity bill by avoiding unnecessary cooling.

#6: Versatility With Purification And Heating

Split air conditioners offer versatility with the latest advancements that can be easily built in. Many split air-cons have air purification systems built in and purify the air circulating in your home. In addition, an indoor heating system helps to heat the air to stay comfortable in your cozy space without getting affected by the changing seasons.

Make a wise choice to use split ac over central air conditioning units and save energy. Split air-cons might appear to be expensive initially with expensive installation charges but will save much money in the long run. Elite Aircon offers split ac installation services at an affordable cost. Please shoot us a call to get the right conditioning for your home.