Floor Consoles Air Conditioning – Sydney

Floor standing air conditioning Consoles also called Floor Consoles or Floor Mounted Air Conditioners are an ideal compact air conditioning system suitable for anyone wanting the convenience of positioning their unit on the floor. There is a wide selection of floor standing air conditioners units to choose from and they can even be recessed in the wall or in replacement of an unused fireplace.

When to use Floor Mounted Air Conditioners?

If there is no space on the wall to mount standard Air conditioners or the ceilings are low leaving a small space for split-system, Ducted Air conditioning is not the only solution.

We prefer you to opt Floor Mounted Air Conditioners, as these are the affordable and efficient solution and can be placed just above the wall or any corner of the room. The advantages of Floor Standing air conditioner are immense including built-in ionizer that keeps the surrounding clean by eliminating dust, pollution, and other particles.

Some of the Floor Console Air-conditioning features include:

Automatic Mode Changeover – Allows the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling.

Wide Operating Range – The dynamic design enables the unit to operate from the desired temperatures in both heating and cooling modes.

Even Air Distribution – Both the top and bottom vents can be used to distribute air evenly all over the room.

Hot Start – The Heating function starts only when the airflow is warm, preventing those unwanted cold draughts.

Auto Fan Speed – An optimal fan speed is automatically selected to suit the set temperature for a more efficient operation.

Air Purification – Titanium apatite deodorising air purification filter traps microscopic particles, decomposes odours and even deactivates bacteria.

Floor Console Controller

The floor console controller allows you to schedule your unit to operate automatically to suit your requirements.

The modes on the controller include Quiet Mode, Vertical Auto Swing, Powerful Mode, Program Dry Function and Econo Mode.

These features are designed for maximum use and comfort. Sound levels are reduced for quieter heating and cooling. The flap can be set to swing for consistent air distribution. Powerful Mode gives a boost in cooling or heating. The Program Dry Function reduces the room’s humidity and Econo Mode can be used to limit the Power consumption of the system.

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