Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Systems Sydney

Today Air Conditioners have become an integral part of our lives whether it’s home, office building, shopping malls, warehousing, etc we need air conditioners for our comforts and for the visitor or clients as well. Some places like computer servers or research labs where effective cooling is required for optimal functions of equipment. Different applications give us a variety of air conditioners to choose from. Elite Air, the best air conditioning installation in Sydney, has been in service for two decades.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning Systems are a great, efficient and discreet solution for residential applications and the performance is supreme.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners, as the name suggests are mounted in the ceiling and since the air flows downwards, these air conditioners provide exceptional coverage. Ceiling Cassette systems are comparatively less noisy as the compressor is placed outside the room and being in the ceiling they provide clutter free environment to the room.

The Ceiling Cassette Systems combine the latest technology with innovative functionality and high operating efficiency for the ultimate user comfort. The ceiling cassette systems have a unique design that allows the visible panel to secure flush in the ceiling so it blends in with the room’s décor.

Optional Extra – Presence Sensor

To ensure the perfect interior comfort, Ceiling Cassette air-conditioning systems can be fitted with an optional presence sensor* which is linked to an advanced controller.

This sensor adjusts the direction of the airflow depending on where people are sitting in the room improving your comfort.

When the room is empty, the sensor will automatically adjust the temperature, and in circumstances where no motion is detected, the system will switch itself off helping reduce energy consumption and save you money.

When you re-enter the room, the system will automatically turn back on and is reset to the original temperature setting.

Presence Sensor

Location Sensors


Ceiling Cassettes are managed through a user friendly LCD remote control enabling users to manage the temperature with a touch of a button.

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