Most Creative Air Vent Designs In The Market

With the rise in global temperature all over the world, every household must-have commodity is an air conditioner. There have been a lot of changes since it was invented, and this commodity which was available only for the affluent, has become crucial equipment in every home.

Usage of air conditioners has proven a great deal of comfort and saves us from plenty of difficult situations not only huge industries and organisations but also normal set up to keep us cool.

AC not only beats the heat, and the humidity also helps in bringing home some conditioned air. Shouldn’t we know how the AC functions when we are very well aware of operating the same?

In many homes, during its construction, blocks are built behind the walls for air circulation to accommodate the air conditioning facility in the future.

The intention of constructing an air vent is to promote air circulation and allow air to your AC system to cool it or heat it as the case may be. The function of the AC system is to recirculate the air in the home and condition them for safe living. It helps in giving you safe air to breathe.

Top creative air vent designs available in the market

There are a plethora of air vent design options available in the market for residential and commercial setup. Based on the necessity, any kind of design can be installed at home or on a commercial property.

Let us first look at the options available for Residential and commercial set-up:

Floor consoles

The floor console can be ideally positioned at the floor level. There are plenty of options to choose from, and they can be placed on the wall near the floor or in a fireplace. This console gives the benefit of changing the mode from heating to cooling. It comes with a controller that enables setting up the optimum temperature for the efficient functioning of the air conditioners. The top and bottom vents enable uniform distribution of air throughout the room.

Ceiling cassette systems

The cassette systems come with the controller, which comes with an optional presence sensor. The direction of the breeze will depend on the people present in the room. It will automatically turn off if the room is empty. When people’s presence is felt, it will turn on.

Split systems

Split systems are available, considering the aesthetic aspects into consideration. They are efficient, the performance of the same is commendable.

It adds to the decor of the home well within the budget as these sophisticated and contemporary units are so convenient to use and pocket friendly.

Multi-split systems

Wall-mounted systems are easy to use and are sleek and elegant. It comes in various forms like wall split, mini cassette, and bulkhead ducted indoor units. There is an abundance of options available with us.

This type of air conditioner enables efficient usage of energy and ensures comfort to the user. Although the unit is placed in one area of the home, the control can be individually placed in other rooms, thus enabling conditioning as and when required.

Ducted systems

The ducted system is sought after by the majority of the population as this is an intelligent decision considering the look of the home. This type of air conditioner comes with a wall controller, which gives access to all features.

Ducted systems help the user to save on electricity bills as these are energy efficient, and the installation of the same can be done on the ceiling or under the floors.

Air stage VRF systems

The VRF air conditioner enables high levels of energy efficiency and is a relatively new technology. This system can be used in offices and for commercial set up providing the user full control and runs noise-free.