Maintenance Tips for Your Home Air Conditioner

An air conditioner needs regular maintenance, and the maintenance task is critical.

The filters, coils, and fins of air conditioners need special care so that they can function effectively throughout the year. Unfortunately, even the slightest negligence in maintenance can decline the performance of an air conditioner. Eventually, it can shoot up the electricity bill. Here is the list of the 6 best maintenance tips for your home air conditioner.

  1. Shut down the power

It is dangerous to work around the electronic equipment before getting started with the maintenance and cleaning, shut down the power supply. Clean the exterior compressor and additional air conditioner components with a dry cloth and if needed, do a deep cleaning with a damp cloth. Get rid of dust and debris. Also, clean the grill of the fan from the top unit.

  1. Deep Cleaning

The most common tip for maintaining the air conditioner is regular cleaning. Vacuum the fins of the air conditioner with a soft brush because they are extremely delicate. Unscrew the metal box and then clean the air conditioner unit; check the user manual for needful directions to avoid damaging the critical components.

  1. Straighten the fins

The reduction in the airflow can be due to the decrease in the fin’s efficiency. Straighten the bends of the fins using a thin knife or fin straightener tool. Make sure while straightening the fins, be gentle so that the fin does not damage or break.

  1. Filter Replacement

To ensure the efficiency of the air conditioner, it is a must to clean the filters regularly. If the air quality is not up to the make, it is best to replace the filters. The clogged and dirty filters can be a barrier to the airflow. Replace the dirty filter with a  new one to increase the air conditioner’s efficiency up to 15%. If you are not an expert, it is best to help with the best ac installation services.

  1. Control the flow of heat

The flow of heat into the home can also affect the air conditioner’s performance, especially when the windows are open. If you want the home to be cool, it is advisable to control the flow of heat entering the home. Please pay attention to the heat flowing from windows, keep them closed, especially during the daytime.

  1. Hire a professional

Not everyone is an expert in maintaining a home air conditioner; it is best to take professional help. Look out for a trustworthy AC installation at home in Australia. The professional team has the right resources and skills to maintain the home air conditioner. The expert team is capable of cleaning, maintaining and boosting the efficiency of home air conditioners.


Once the deep cleaning and maintenance of each and every component is done, turn on the home air conditioner and experience the cool breeze during summers.