How to maintain your AC unit during the offseason

You should know how to maintain your air conditioner properly at the time of the offseason. Agreed, your air conditioning unit has functioned effectively all throughout the summer season. Yet, you should suitably take care of your AC unit at the time of winter. There are several things that you should be doing with regard to caring for your air conditioning unit at the time of the offseason. 

  • Clean the Filters- Keeping the air filter absolutely clean is vital, irrespective of whether you are using the air conditioning unit or not. A clean home AC unit is a must for staying properly functional during the offseason. Cleaning the filter is easy and will help you ensure that the unit stays efficient all the time. If the filter is dirty, it will lead to the unit completely freezing up. While changing the filter in the air conditioner is essential, it will require lesser replacement in the offseason as well. Ensure that you replace it if needed since it will directly impact home air quality and also the air conditioner’s overall efficiency. When the filter is clogged, air cannot freely flow through the same. This means that the AC unit will have to work more for cooling the home, thereby lowering its overall lifespan and enhancing your energy bills greatly. 
  • Cleaning the Ducts- A pivotal part of AC unit maintenance is cleaning the ducts. In the winter months, you may wish to consider having the ducts cleaned professionally. This is a task that should be done every 2-3 years, depending upon the amount of dust that you have in the home and the frequency of changing the filters. The air conditioner delivers cool air to the home through these ducts, and if they remain clogged with debris, then this debris will only circulate around the home every time that the unit is running. Technicians can check whether there is any condensation in the ducts, which may ensure the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould. 
  • Cleaning the Evaporator and Condenser Coil- You should know how to service your AC unit in time for the offseason. Before running your commercial HVAC in winter, you should make sure that you have cleaned the evaporator and cleaning coil. Firstly, check the condensate drain for blockages, especially for any mould or debris. Secondly, you can take care of this with a solution containing water and bleach. You can also check the fins for any signs of debris or dust which may be there. Ensure that you use only a soft brush and stroke in a similar direction as the fins for preventing any damage. 
  • Seal the Window Frames- To protect your HVAC system, make sure that you seal the window frames. If you have a window unit, make sure that the seals around the window and the AC unit remain sealed. This will keep air from leaking out of your house. This is a reason why you may lose out on air and heat when you are running the air conditioner in the house. Keep energy stored securely in the home by ensuring that all seals are replaced when they leak and that they stay tight. 
  • Get debris removed from the external AC unit- Ensure that you properly take care of the external AC unit. If there are any items or debris outside and around the air conditioning unit, it may lead to serious problems. Keep the area around the unit fully clean and free from any items or debris. This will ensure ample breathing space for the unit, and it will function normally. 
  • Covering the AC Unit- If you have an outside or window unit, you may consider covering the same in the offseason or during the winter. This will safeguard it from harsher winter temperatures. You may also protect the unit in this manner from any build-up of dirt and debris. You can remove a window unit if you have one for keeping it safe in the winter season. 
  • Maintenance- Tap into the maintenance plan offered by your AC manufacturing company. They will inspect the air conditioning unit to help in preparing it suitably for the winter season. Technicians will routinely inspect the air conditioning unit and give suitable tips and ideas on taking care of the same property in the offseason. This will help in preparing the unit for the colder months. 

Keep these tips in mind for maintaining the AC unit properly during the offseason.