How Not To Install An Air Conditioning Unit

Installing an air conditioning unit requires skills. It may seem easy when a technician installs an AC unit at your home. But there is a lot of expertise and effort that goes into installing the air conditioner at your home. However, it is advised not to try to go for DIY installation through numerous videos are available on the internet to install the unit all by yourself.

If anything goes wrong during the installation, it might cause you several bucks to fix the Air conditioner, or even it may require a replacement. So to save your money and ensure a safe installation of the Air conditioner unit, you must call an authorized technician to carry out the process.

In this blog, we have brought to you the common mistakes made while installing AC units. With the following points, you will get to know how not to install an air conditioning unit at your home or commercial space.


5 ways of how not to install your air conditioning unit


  1. Don’t consider installing an AC unit by yourself- This is a repeated mistake; many people think that installing an AC unit is a cakewalk, whereas it is not. Many complexities go into the installation process of an AC. It requires expert knowledge and experience to execute this work with perfection. Therefore, don’t ruin your AC unit and call a professional team of technicians who are certified for installing AC units.


  1. Do not install an AC without a ceiling saver kit- Every air conditioner needs to drain out the excess water. The amount of water that flows out of the indoor unit is less, but it might cause trouble by depositing in your room if the outlet is not laid out properly. The outlet of water from the AC unit is called a ceiling saver kit. Check out that the mechanism is working fine to avoid any kind of water dripping inside your room.


  1. Do not install longer refrigerant pipes- This is the pipe that connects the outer unit to the indoor handler, through which the AC unit passes refrigerant. While you keep the pipe too long, then the AC unit will find it hard to pass the refrigerant in a short time and will not be able to complete the process of cooling in a short span. This will lead to an overload on the compressor, and thus the unit has to work unnecessarily and consume more energy to run.


  1. Faulty insulation of indoor tubing- The tubes through which refrigerant passes cause sweating on its outer surface. This requires skilful insulation to prevent the water from dripping and damaging your walls and room. It can also cause damage to the indoor unit due to water flow into the AC unit. Make sure that the insulation is done right to avoid such consequences.


  1. Improper positioning of the air conditioning unit- The effectiveness of the AC can decrease with improper positioning of the air conditioning unit. While planning to place the outdoor unit, make sure that the unit is placed in a shady position where it does not get much heat or sun. This will ensure less pressure on the compressor to cool your room. Indoor air handlers should also be positioned correctly with no obstacle in the airflow.

Contacting an established and certified air conditioning unit installer is a must to ensure proper installation, smooth running, and efficiency of the AC unit. Therefore, contact the Elite Air AC installation company in Sydney today.