How Air Conditioners Changed The World

Yes, every wonderful innovation by mankind has given immense benefits to society.

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented an air conditioner to serve industrial needs; as time passed by, once a luxury commodity became a necessity in all the households.

Before the invention of air conditioners, people kept themselves and their families cool by adopting various methodologies ranging from underground living, having an architectural design to maintain the optimum temperature for peaceful living, having dampened sheets in their living area to get cool air, when the breeze came through.

The way people started looking at having this commodity has moved from luxury to necessity as modern-day architecture has taken a paradigm shift with the rise in temperature, structural, and geographical changes.

Nearly 80% of the households own an AC typically to have a comfortable lifestyle today. AC is a prerequisite without which the impact of the same is remorse. A day without an AC is unimaginable as that itself is an excuse for less productivity as the bigger chunk of the world population is still working from home.


Let’s ponder over how air conditioners have changed the world

In a magazine named Steelways, it was appreciated that “the air conditioning spread through the industry like a cool breeze.”

Cool the machines

The device you are using to read this blog, say computer, for the development of the same, initially Air conditioner was used to cool the system. It started with the cooling of machines to cool our minds.

Increased Productivity

We cannot deny that the air conditioners had been a driving factor for people to carry on their work without a hassle. It provided an artificially created cool environment for people to live in peace.

The productivity in work will be a big question if the air conditioning facility is unavailable in the industry, corporate offices.

The increased productivity in work provides a holistic improvement for the employees, which eventually leads to a successful organization.

Growth and development 

The growth and development of a state have to be cited to the utilization of AC. When the infrastructure of a state is on par with the development also majorly depends on the consumption of AC. The malls, restaurants, and shopping complexes are thronging with people to beat the heat outside.

Even after 30-40 years of its invention, AC was initially available to the affluent and the businesses. Due to the change in the weather conditions, AC is exigent to many households, small businesses. Of late, we can see the utilization of air conditioners can be seen in transportation for the convenience of the public.

It is obvious that with the increase in the manufacturing and sales of the air conditioner the energy consumption for the functioning of the same has increased. There are proven stats that speak about the decline in the death rates arising out of heatwaves that had seen a sharp decline which was attributed to the usage of AC.

With the repercussions of heatwaves and the intense impact on the health in a workplace, households are waived by the availability of air conditioners for everyone.