Fourteen Advantages And Disadvantages Of Floor Console Air Conditioners

Floor console air conditioners operate standing on the floor and are portable. That is why these are also known as floor standing air conditioners. You can classify them based on their placement indoors or outdoors. These air conditioners are available in several specifications such as nominal cooling capacity, power source, airflow, etc.

Advantages of Floor Console Air Conditioners

#1.Built-in Ionizer

A built-in ionizer helps in the elimination of dust, pollution, and other particles. It contributes towards cleaner surroundings.

#2. Saved Settings

The auto-restart feature remembers most of the saved settings. It eliminates the need to change the settings again in case of power failure where the air conditioner switches off automatically.

#3. Noise controller

The sound pressure feature helps in checking the specifications of the sound level. It prevents the air conditioner from making excess noise both indoors and outdoors.

#4. Zero Instalment Service Charges

There is no necessity to install the floor console air conditioner on the wall or window. Therefore, there are no instalment service charges.

#5. Suited For All Weathers

The floor console air conditioner plays all the roles of the fan, cooling and heating. There are more airflow options compared to the split air conditioners.

#6. Saves Wall Space

Rooms that require higher air conditioning, i.e. about thirty-five BTU/hr, might not always have enough space on the wall for installing air conditioners. Floor console air conditioners can be placed on the floor and do not require wall space.

#7. Additional Advantages

Floor console air conditioners are excellent dehumidifiers and have built-in washable filtration systems. They automatically cease when the set temperature is reached and restarts when there is a temperature change.

Seven Disadvantages Of Floor Console Air Conditioner

#1. Not Ozone Friendly

The refrigerant version of the floor console air conditioner is not ozone friendly. As a result, it contributes to global warming, although it is cost-effective.

#2. Noisier

These air conditioners are much noisier than the window ones that let out all the noise outside. This is because the exhaust fans have to run faster per minute to drive the heat outside. As a result, it generates more noise compared to the window and split air conditioners.

#3. Tedious Water Management

You need to manually remove the water every 3 hours in the water tray if you cannot place the hose connected to the unit outside.

#4. Compromise With Positioning

The lack of sufficient charging points lowers the availability of suitable positioning choices. Due to this, the air conditioner cannot be placed to provide air to all the corners.

#5. Slower Rate Of Cooling

Floor console air conditioners take a lot of time compared to the split air conditioner to lower the temperature and cool down the room.

#6. Space Consuming

These air conditioners occupy more floor space operating on the floor. Be prepared to face difficulties while walking around.

#7. More power consumption

Floor console air conditioners, especially those with double ducts and an invertor, consume a lot of power. It could cut a hole in your pocket with skyrocketing electricity bills.

Now that you have understood the benefits and inconveniences that floor console air conditioners will bring to you, it will be easier for you to choose accurately the type of floor console air conditioner that will suit your needs.