Five Ways To Protect Your HVAC System in Bad Weather

Your HVAC system is an integral part of your house. Like your refrigerator and gas stove, your HVAC system is equally important and requires care and maintenance to ensure smooth functioning. This function can be interrupted by bad weather, but since precaution is always better than cure, you can overcome that too with the help of these five tricks:

  • Cut the power

For you to protect your HVAC system in bad weather, you need to be quick on your feet and take practical steps immediately. This includes cutting the power off. Before the storm hits your area, make sure to turn off the breakers of your AC system completely. The most common AC issues faced are related to the conditioners. Unlike just turning off the thermostat, switching off the HVAC unit at the circuit breaker guarantees the power is off entirely and prevents any electrical fire or severe damage to your AC unit in case a power surge occurs during the storm.

  • Cover the system

Another great way to protect your HVAC unit from bad weather includes covering the system. Shield your HVAC unit from water and harsh winds by covering it entirely with a reliable tarp that can withstand strong winds. This prevents any chances of electric short circuit and undue damage. A specially made plastic or vinyl cover may also be used for this purpose. Using a plastic, concrete, or plywood cage around the HVAC system to shield it from flying debris in the event of strong winds may also be beneficial.

  • Secure the system

Often during stormy weather, HVAC units tend to come loose and crash down. This results in significant damage and puts the lives of those walking under it at risk as well. This is why securing the system during bad weather is extremely important. Never try to switch between the Ducted system, since the damages will last long. Tighten the bolts that hold your outdoor HVAC unit in place and install hurricane straps, too, if necessary. In case you are using a window unit, make sure to remove them from the window before the storm because solid winds can pull them from the window and cause some severe damage. 

  • Remove projectiles

In addition to securing and covering your HVAC unit, make sure to remove any kind of projectiles like loose branches or flower pots that can come flying and damage your HVAC unit severely. You can also install a steel or plastic cage around the system to protect it from flying debris.

  • Stay safe after the storm.

In case you are worried that the storm has ended up affecting your HVAC unit, avoid turning it on, and instead call a reputable HVAC service company like Elite-Air immediately. Avoid taking any unnecessary risk. It’s better to leave such a serious matter in the hands of the experts. 

In addition to the above tricks, it is highly advised that you get your HVAC system installed and maintained by a reputable HVAC company, like Elite Air, before the storm hits your area, as a precaution is always better than cure. Call the skilled technicians from Elite Air today to maintain and keep your HVAC safe, and to ensure its proper functioning.