Common Problems With the Commercial HVAC System in Winters

There are a variety of commercial building HVAC systems used by various entities and premises. Yet, even if you install the latest HVAC systems, there are still some common HVAC problems that will plague commercial premises in winters. Here’s taking a look at the same: 

  • Frozen Pipes- With the accumulation of ice and a reduction in temperatures, objects such as coils and pipes may start freezing and stop functioning suitably. Hydronic frameworks like steam radiators and hot water heaters may also fail with frozen water stopping smooth flow within pipes. Avoiding a scenario where heating systems break down due to freezing is critical. Sometimes buildup of pressure leads to frozen pipes of the HVAC system bursting. Hence, take care of any such scenario as gas furnace leaking water in winter or water dripping from ac vent in winter. These may be signs that should not be ignored. 
  • Uneven Temperature & Air Flow- It will be most frustrating to find out that some rooms are colder than others in your house. This is a major problem for several homeowners even today. Whenever you get the certificate of completion, you will have to know how to get this issue fixed. It may not even be an HVAC troubleshooting case. Check for holes/cracks around windows and doors as well. If the problem is still not solved, check the ducts or vents for any buildup of debris and blockages. Make sure that these areas are neatly cleared out as well. 
  • Heat Pump Problems- A major aspect of commercial air conditioning repairs is tackling malfunctioning pumps. Many homes depend on exterior heat pumps for delivering ample warmth. However, icy winds and snowfall may lead to damages for these appliances while leading to poor performance too. Heat pumps may suffer owing to various reasons including blockage of coils and also broken motors of fans. Numerous heat pumps do not properly defrost in winter. The heat pump should have its fan and coils completely free from frost as well. This fixture should have automatic defrost settings and it should be able to melt the ice away prior to the formation of thicker layers. If the setting is disrupted, the buildup of frost has to be cleared manually. 
  • Dirty Filters- Get help from a commercial air conditioning service in Sydney for cleaning dirty filters of the heater. Heaters are often overused and the filters may witness clogging due to dirt, dust and other associated debris. The blockage creates lower airflow and reduced heating thereafter. The repair service will ensure that fans and motors are working properly while clearing all obstructions that hinder the filter. If it remains permanently bent or discoloured, it should be instantly replaced with a newer one. Also, check for other damages in this regard. 
  • Thermostat Breakage- At times, the issue does not lie within the hardware of the appliance in question but within the thermostat electronic setup itself. You should make sure that all faulty wiring behind your thermostat is promptly repaired above all else. This should be the first job done in this regard. If it is needed, then you should get a new thermostat reinstalled and make sure that it is suitably calibrated with the heater in question. A new thermostat will help you in controlling air temperature better while also promoting higher energy efficiency as a result. Thermostat issues are common ones that may affect the functioning of the HVAC system in winter. 
  • Pilot Light Issues- A few heaters completely ignite only post the turning on of the pilot light. This smaller blue flame usually stays alive for all times with a view towards ensuring smoother and better access to heat. Yet, when it does not burn properly or does not burn in its entirety, owners of homes will be facing situations where they have to contend with colder and hugely uncomfortable temperatures alongside. The commonest cause for a faulty pilot light will be a flame sensor that has become damaged or dirty. You should take ample time for cleaning out the sensor while making sure that it enables the pilot light to steadily burn without disruptions. If you find that there are any other issues with the heater that are quite significant, have a talk with the repair service about the installation of a brand new one as well. 
  • Leakage of Carbon Monoxide- Carbon monoxide has several dangerous attributes and the poisonous gas cannot be easily found owing to its tasteless and odourless nature. Several leaks take place owing to rusty and cracked heaters. Leaks mostly take place owing to cracked heat exchangers within the heater system itself. Professionals should check the heat exchanger and make a note of how improper ventilation may also block the exit of carbon monoxide gases from your home. Carefully check your top-range vent and chimney for any such obstructions. 

Now that you know the key issues that may affect your HVAC system during winter, it is time to gear up and nip potential problems in the bud.