Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Sydney

Ducted Air conditioning Systems can be installed in almost every property including new homes and commercial properties or custom designed to suit any existing property. When a ducted air-conditioning system is installed, the only visible components is the controller, and the beautifully designed return air and discharge grilles. Ducted air-conditioning system  is discrete and provides quality air conditioning comfort at its best.

Ducted Air conditioners are capable of cooling the entire premise creating a consistent temperature. These are the best choices for cooling an entire building. In commercial ducted air conditioning central units cool the air and distribute the cooled air into the rooms of the building through ducts. Ducted heating units are well capable of killing harsh winters in Sydney.

We understand that each property ranges in size, that’s why we offer a range of advanced systems designed to meet any space to deliver absolute comfort to any building. Whether you are looking for wall-mounted air conditioning system for your office or floor consoles for home Elite Air offers the affordable and impeccable installation and maintenance service in Sydney. Wondering how to maintain your commercial air conditioning? Call Elite Air today at (02) 96661237.

Some of these systems include:


Engineered to deliver remarkable energy performance, design flexibility and R22 retrofit capability, the Premium Inverter series is the ultimate ducted solution.


  • Heats or cools the total internal space
  • Suitable for small to large property’s
  • Retrofits an old R22 ducted system


Efficient and compact design, ideal for installation into tight roof spaces particularly modern properties.


  • Heats or cools the total internal space
  • Suitable for small to large property’s
  • Suitable for houses with limited roof space and outdoor space


Designed to suit installations where ceiling space is at a premium, our Slim-Line Ducted series has unmatched flexibility and choice of design.


  • Heats or cools multiple rooms
  • Narrow ceiling spaces
  • Bedroom air conditioning


The Bulkhead options are the ideal choice for air conditioning areas where a discreet installation is preferred.


  • Heats or cools one area of your home
  • Suitable for drop ceilings & shallow ceilings
  • Suitable for bedroom air conditioning
Impeccable Commercial Ducted System  Air Conditioning installation service Sydney

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