Centralized air-cooling Vs room air conditioners. Which one is better?

The summers are super hot, and with the worsening effects of climate change, it is impossible to live without air conditioning. Air conditioning which was once considered to be a luxury, which only the upper-middle and upper-class people could enjoy, now has something that can be easily afforded. Thanks to advancements in technology and improved standards of living, anyone can own an air conditioner.

Due to excessive heat waves and humidity during summer, our homes, workplaces, and everywhere we feel hot and stuffy. Hence, everyone is in dire need of air conditioning. But there are various air conditioners available nowadays; which one is better (performance-wise, durable and economic), and why? These are plaguing questions that easily demotivate a person to buy air conditioners.

There are two major classifications of air conditioners: Room air conditioners and centralized air cooling. But, which among the two is better and in which circumstances? Before we jump into comparing the two types of air conditioners, first, let us try to understand a bit about them and how they generally function.

Centralized air cooling:

A centralized air-cooling system is an air conditioning system that involves cooling the air in a central location and distributing the cooled air to other rooms via ducts and fans. It makes use of a compressor to compress refrigerant gas and thereby discharge heat out of the building.

Benefits of having centralized air cooling include:

  • Comfortable indoor climate
  • Cleaner air
  • Quiet operation
  • Cooling in multiple locations

Room air conditioners:

Room or window air conditioners cool a specific room rather than the entire house or workplace. It functions by using fans or blowers to move cooled air into the room and refrigerant components to extract the heat from the air. Benefits of having a room air conditioner include:

  1. Easy to install
  2. Affordable
  3. Customized cooling
  4. Occupies less space

Centralized air-cooling vs Room air conditioners:

  1. Cost

Generally, centralized air cooling is a bit high on price, and also, the install is a bit expensive.  But room air conditioners are cheaper to purchase and install.

  1. Maintenance

The maintenance costs of centralized air cooling are considerably high as compared to that of room air conditioners.

  1. Energy consumption

Generally, a centralized unit consumes more energy than a room air conditioner, but it depends on the range of cooling; a centralized unit uses lesser energy than multiple room air conditioners over a larger space. Centralized air conditioners are always energy-saving options.

  1. Healthier

A centralized air-cooling unit has better filters and produces cleaner air as compared to the air conditioners.

  1. Range of cooling

Centralized units have a greater range of cooling compared to room units. You can explore a wide array of options.

  1. Room temperature

Only centralized air-cooling units can achieve even room temperature, whereas usage of room air conditioners produces uneven cooling.

  1. Noisiness

Room air conditioners are noisy, whereas centralized units are more silent and are perfect for both homes as well as workspace.