AC Maintaining Tips To Remember When You Are Not Using AC For A Long Time

AC is an expensive electronic device, and it needs proper maintenance even when it is not in use. There are some easy and workable tips for appropriate AC maintenance that are often used by professional ac service providers.

  1. Regularly clean the filters

Every AC will have a filter to give you safer and cleaner air. If you run AC regularly or if you did not use AC for a long time, then there is a high chance of filters getting dirty. These filters can get clogged with dust particles, lint, hairs, and other impurities. You should clean the filter once a month for the better result, and you should change it when needed. If you are using it after a very long time, you must clean or change the filter.

  1. Take care of condenser coils and evaporator

Just like the air filters, the coils (especially evaporator and condenser coils) in the AC can also become dirty. The outdoor coils can get clogged by debris, dust, even by a dead leaf; this makes your AC consume a lot of energy than usual, and also it will result in reduced airflow. If you did not run your AC for a long time, there is a high chance of getting dirtier coils. It would help if you frequently clean the condenser coils and evaporator when regularly using or not using it for a long time.

  1. Timely upgrade the AC unit

Suppose you use the same air conditioner for ten or more than ten years if you have used your air conditioner daily (like nearly 15 to 17 hours). If you have used your air conditioner for a very long period, you should consider upgrading your AC unit. Components for the AC unit has been developing regularly, and the newer or updated feature will ensure smoother and better performance.

  1. Avoid the gaps

Let’s assume you are going out for a vacation, and you left your room’s window or door open with or without consciousness, then there is a high chance of your air conditioner getting dirty. Like dust particles can quickly enter into the empty room, and it can be deposited on the components of your air conditioner. So get rid of the gaps and make your air conditioner to be efficient. You can also try to cover the outer unit of your AC by a cover or at least by large clothes so that the inner and outer unit of your air conditioner will be safe from dust and other things.

  1. Dismantle

You do not need to dismantle all the parts of your air conditioner, or you do not need to dismantle the whole unit, but dismantling a few pieces will give you a great result. For instance, the air filter in your air conditioner can be removed by yourself, and a simple effort can remove a few other factors like the condenser coil.

So you can consider dismantling the essential parts and keeping it in a safe place if you have planned not to use your air conditioner. You can cover your air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor unit to ensure its safety and efficiency.


Which Is A Better AC For Your Home? Split System Or Ceiling Cassette Systems?

If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner for your home, then you should consider the split AC system and ceiling cassette AC system. These types of AC comes in various models, designs, star ratings, etc. Here is the guide to purchase the perfect type of AC for your home.

  •     Split AC

Split Ac is a wall-mounted air conditioner that has become popular among urban homes. This type of AC can provide heating as well as cooling; they are renowned for the even use of hot and cold air (when controlled properly via thermostat). It is available in various designs and sleek modern designs. The major components of this type of air conditioner are the indoor handling unit, outdoor compressor, and the connecting pipes, electrical cable. 

One of the best things about the split AC is, they are easy to maintain; it has washable filters that can be periodically removed, washed, and fixed back in place. Since the noisy compressor is fixed outside, the air blower inside the room will be noiseless. The operational cost of this AC will not be very high because we tend to switch it on only when needed. Another added advantage of the split AC is, the hot or cool air can not escape due to drafts or open doors, and it makes this air conditioner more efficient.

One thing that we have to be careful about this type of air conditioner is “installation”. Because the faulty installation may result in backflow, leakage in the indoor unit, and clogging. During the installation, choose an appropriate location for the indoor unit, and the manufacturer’s specification has to be followed for optimum results.

  •     Ceiling Cassette System

Ceiling cassette systems are generally mounted to the ceiling and the mode of operation will be similar to the split AC. It can be placed in the center of the ceiling for a large living room, or dining areas, where wall-mounted split AC will not be effective. One of the best things about the ceiling cassette system is, it is equipped with directional blowing; it distributes the conditioned air evenly to the farthest area of the room.

It can be installed between the ceiling cavity (the gap between the true ceiling and faux ceiling; it also saves window and wall space. There is a well known basic science fact that cold air descends; this phenomenon ensures the maximum and excellent cooling by the ceiling cassette system. It is ultra-quiet because only the air blowers are present inside the room.

The major difficulty with this type of AC is, servicing or repairing; due to limited access, servicing, or repairing the refrigeration lines, power lines, and condensate discharge lines can be challenging. Also, the ceiling cassette system AC can only be installed and tucked away within the faux ceiling.


Both the Split and Ceiling cassette AC system will be an amazing choice for your home. The choice purely depends on your needs, budget, and the size of the room. In simple words, split AC can be effective for the small or medium-sized room (where door gaps and drafts should not be a problem). The ceiling cassette AC will be ideal for the large room and you will get the conditioned air evenly on all the areas of the room.

How Can You Increase The Longevity Of An Air Conditioner?


The use of air conditioners is increasing as global warming is increasing. Every year we all can notice a massive spike in the temperature. Excessive heat increases the load of the air conditioner. The average working lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 years. To increase the longevity of your air conditioner, here are some super-smart techniques which need to be included:


  1. Change the air filter

Air conditioner filters play a very vital role in extending the working life of an air conditioner. The air filter should be changed at least every three to five months regularly and based on usage. In air filters, the dirt tends to accumulate, and these make the air filter clogged. The clogged air filter causes your system to overwork, as it blocks the flow of air. The overworking of the air conditioner can generate more heat and lead to wear and tear. Eventually, more energy is wasted during cooling. So, make sure to change your air filters. Regularly clean or vary according to your air quality.


  1. Professional Installation

Proper installation of your air conditioner can increase the lifespan by 4 to 5 years and even more. That’s why it is crucial to work with a qualified and trustworthy AC installation service provider. They’ll not only properly install your AC, but they also help to maintain your air conditioner’s performance throughout its lifetime correctly.


  1. Do not Overburden AC

The use of a thermostat setting helps to decrease the load on your air conditioner. To reduce the workload of your system, make sure that all your rooms are properly sealed. Ensure if there is any leakage in the duct; otherwise, it may lead to a breakdown. At least once per year, check your air conditioner leakage.


  1. Annual Maintenance

To increase the lifespan of your air conditioner, the annual maintenance plays a key role. The annual tune-up will help you to check the working-operation of your system. It also helps to prevent if there is any leakage before it reaches the next level. Additionally, it helps to increase the working efficiency of your system.


  1. Efficient System

Installation of a high-efficiency system helps to reduce the workload of your system. Invest in a system which is energy efficient, and this way, less electricity bill is generated. It also increases the system’s durability, and thus it increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.


  1. Manage Airflow

Your air conditioner will not generate cold air if there are hurdles in the air ventilates. The proper airflow needs to remove any obstacle that prevents the cold air from circulating throughout your home.


  1. Temperature settings

Please do not set the temperature too low as it will gradually slow down your long-run air conditioner’s productivity. To increase your system’s lifespan, keep your air conditioner temperature in a normal range and do not set the temperature too freezing cold as the low temperature increases your air conditioner’s workload.


Here’s A List Of The Most Reliable Air Conditioner Brands

The air conditioner is not a luxury anymore, the scorching summer and humidity can make anyone super crazy. Australia is known for the summer heat which can mercilessly sweat you out. A good quality air conditioner is the best possible way to beat the annoying summer. The market is filled with plenty of options when it comes to air conditioners. Here are the best brands of air conditioners which work perfectly for home as well as office.

  1. Daikin 

The brand Daikin is known for impeccable quality, the air conditioning system is perfect for comfortable cooling. Be it home or office, Daikin ACs have the best models with superior intelligence to keep your space cool in summer. The same AC systems can be used to keep your home and office warm during winters. 

Top Features of Daikin AC

  1. Minimal installation time and cost. 
  2. 100 % quality cooling throughout the room
  3. Comes with volt free switches
  4. Durable and corrosion-resistant outdoor unit coating
  5. Smart heat exchanger outdoor unit.
  1.     Mitsubishi Electric

The name is synonyms to the high-quality air conditioner. It is a brand that has been in the electronic market since 1967 and is a perfect choice for home cooling. Be it a wall-mounted split system or a ceiling-mounted Mitsubishi Electric AC system is a credible option. The AC provides both consistent heating and cooling. 

Top Features of Mitsubishi Electric AC

  1. Sleek and stylish design
  2. Consistent airflow 
  3. Improved performance with less energy consumption. 
  4. Durable and extended life
  5. Excellent heating and cooling option
  1. Braemar 

Braemar is an Australian made and owned a reliable AC brand option. Product quality is impeccable and it is also a cost-effective choice. Braemar provides an error-free central ducted heating system. The ducts are well insulated to carry the air without any leakage.

Top Features of Braemar AC

  1. Reduced Co2 emissions 
  2. You can save more on running cost
  3. Made in Australia
  4. Uncompromised product quality 
  5. Durable ducted gas heating system.
  1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Looking for an energy-efficient and technologically driven product? Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the best choice. The performance is powerful and the AC comes with R32 refrigerant to increase energy efficiency. Innovative AC systems can be operated using smartphone and tablets 

Top Features of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

  1. Can be operated via Wi-Fi connectivity
  2. Sleek and aesthetic design
  3. 5 years warranty
  4. noise-free operation
  5. Allergen free filters
  1. Panasonic

The brand Panasonic is a global brand and is known for its impeccable quality for the past 60 years. The innovative products offer perfect air conditioning solutions to office, home, industrial space, hotels, etc. 

Top features of Panasonic AC

  1. Auto air swing which ensures complete cooling
  2. Efficient energy star rating 
  3. Can be operated via remote and comes with a programmable timer. 
  4. Durable filter for quality airflow. 
  5. Enhanced cooling

While checking out for the best brands for air conditioners, also make sure to opt for the best AC service providers. 






Different Types Of Air Conditioners For Commercial Use

Air conditioners are a pre-requisite for a building be it is a residential or a commercial complex. With the idea to splurge in the mind of individuals to have a comfortable and healthy environment, small businesses, commercial setups resort to air conditioners for commercial use.

People would throng in commercial buildings like shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, and small stores like cafes and retail units. The installation of air conditioners in the offices and other commercial places will keep individuals comfortable and keep the unhealthy aeration at bay.

With the constant motto to keep the customers who visit the commercial units to feel contended and congenial, business owners have to avail of the air conditioners after considering factors like efficiency, cost incurred, energy consumption, types of AC, and space or the resources available for installation.

The trend to follow the suit will make the usage of air conditioners for commercial use sales volume to spike by 25.4 million units by 2030.

Types of air conditioners for commercial use

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

VRF enables the unit to function based on the set temperatures and will turn-off detecting when there are no occupants in the room. The energy required for the switch is minimal making it the must-go-for-it type.

The technology is relatively new in the markets and it is recommended for its noise-free functionality and the control of the unit can be changed in every room.

This variant of AC is widely used for commercial offices and larger buildings and are ideal for cooling and heating operation.

Wall-mounted split systems

The split system comes with a wall mounting facility with the outdoor unit in one place and the control of the same can be done at various rooms of the building.

The recent systems come with voice or Wi-Fi control enabling the individuals to enjoy the AC with comfort. This heating and cooling operation of this unit come very sleek and in diverse ranges like wall split, mini cassette. Recently manufactured units come with the dehumidification advantage making it the right choice for the tropical regions.

Multi-split system

This system is usually considered cost-effective, faster and the vent can be attached to the wall or the ceiling, connected with the outdoor unit through a pipe and cable.

Ducted systems

The ducted systems can be placed considering the space availability as the latest versions can be installed even in the tightest of spaces whilst there is no compromise to the airflow. The system’s control is also through the Wi-Fi facility and voice control.

Cassette & Ceiling Systems

These systems can be conveniently installed and are sleek providing your space a modern and aesthetic appeal. These are attached to the ceiling and are best suited for medium-sized units and retail units.


For commercial units installation, plenty of areas available to place the outdoor units sans any disturbance to your business. Considering the complexity of the setup for the commercial area require expertise for installation and the right selection of the AC variant as the requirement for the cooling and heating needs is higher.

The business owners must be aware of the existing situation and opt for the air conditioner for commercial use based on need and space availability.

How Energy Efficient Ceiling Cassette Systems Enhance Your Home’s Look

Nowadays the weather is out of control and very unpredictable. But what’s worse is the fact that it has gradually become increasingly unbearable. The summers are hotter, rains are more humid and winters are colder. In fact, these temperature variances are making life and living difficult. Nobody feels comfortable and this only adds more stress to their already stressful lifestyle. Hence it is essential that a way is discovered where one can regulate the temperature of the environment and feel comfortable. This can be done with the help of an air conditioning system.

With the rising demand for air conditioning systems and the rising sophistication of people’s lifestyles, it is nowadays much easier to purchase an air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems are much cheaper and advancements in technology have made it much easier to install air conditioning units. What’s more interesting is the fact that technological advancements have paved the way for more energy-efficient and more compact air conditioning systems. So people no longer have to worry about air conditioning systems consuming excessive power.

But there are lots of different models of air conditioning systems available? Which one is the best such that it is both energy efficient and does not compromise the look of one’s home?

About Ceiling Cassette Systems:

Ceiling cassette systems are air conditioning systems that are suspended or floating in the ceiling of the room. The cooling unit is attached to the room’s ceiling while the condenser system is attached outside the building. The ceiling cassette air conditioning system is some of the most brilliant innovations in air conditioning technology. The biggest advantage of owning a ceiling cassette air conditioning system is the fact that it takes up very little space and does not affect the aesthetic appeal of the room.

How Ceiling Cassette Systems are energy efficient:

Now generally, air conditioning systems consume much more energy. But technological advancements have found ways to reduce energy consumption and to increase cooling/heating effects. How? Firstly, the condenser system that is attached outside of the house uses state-of-the-art technology; from its internal system to the refrigerant that it uses. Secondly, the energy consumption is cut down even further thanks to the laws of nature. We all know that cool air tends to descend whereas hot air rises, so by installing ceiling cassette systems, cooling is much more widespread and efficient.

How Ceiling Cassette Systems enhance your home’s look?

Ceiling Cassette Systems are probably one of the few types of air conditioning systems that do not impact the visual appeal of the room. Unlike traditional window or split air conditioning systems, they do not occupy visible space or seem out of place in your room. The Ceiling Cassette System is installed into the ceiling of your room and hence it becomes a part of the ceiling. What’s more? It makes the room look more sophisticated and is hence a great option to choose, both performance-wise, space-wise, energy consumption-wise, and appeal-wise.

What Are Airstage VRF systems? How efficient are they?

We all live in a rapidly transforming world. Thanks to the unpredictable effects of climate change and global warming, you can never really predict what the weather is going to be like. To make things worse, if one thing, the weather has only intensified; thus reaching extreme highs or extreme lows. But what’s probably the most unbearable is heat which has drastically increased over the years.

The increased temperature makes living and working conditions difficult and unbearable. So, as a result, there has been an increase in the sales of air conditioning systems in order to be able to combat the heat. Air conditioners, which were once a luxury product, are now available at a cheaper cost thanks to commercialization, mass production, and an ever-increasing demand for it.

Over the course of time, air conditioning technology has developed to provide better performance and to minimize power consumption. Hence there are a variety of air conditioners available in the market. The real question is: which is the best type of air conditioner? And why is that particular type the best? Is not the answer to these questions quite obvious? The best type of air conditioning system is the Airstage VRF system.

About Airstage VRF system:

Airstage VRF system is an air conditioning system produced by Fujitsu General Groups. Fujitsu General Groups are one of the leading organizations in air conditioning technology. They are known for their technological and design innovations that help to improve the conventional air conditioner by creating unconventional, top-class air conditioners that are truly one of a kind and offer max performance; a performance that is bound to satisfy you.

The Airstage VRF system is one of the latest innovations of the Fujitsu General Groups. But before we talk about the Airstage VRF system, let us get a brief idea about what VRF is and how it works.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system:

The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system is an HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technology that was initially invented by Daikin Industries during the early 1980s. The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system is largely used in centralized air conditioners i.e., it connects multiple indoor units with one centralized outdoor condensing unit assembly.

It uses refrigerants as the cooling and heating medium, that is conditioned by condensing units and is circulated within the building to multiple indoor units. But what truly makes the VRF system unique is that it allows for varying degrees of cooling in specific areas, i.e., it provides individual temperature control.

Benefits of Airstage VRF systems:

Now, here are some reasons why Airstage VRF systems are some of the most efficient air conditioning systems.

● The VRF system saves power by reducing energy consumption.
● It provides precise temperature control.
● The VRF system is capable of providing both heating & cooling functions simultaneously.
● The VRF system guarantees comfort thanks to individual zone temperature control.
● The VRF system is easy to install and very user friendly.

Some Trustworthy Air Conditioners Brands You Can Rely On

Why would someone invest in an air conditioner to land up in trouble? There are proven benefits of having an AC installed in your home or at your workspace ranging from productivity, peace of mind, improved concentration, and good sleep.

When you are choosing an AC, one needs to check various factors from price, after-sales-service, the aesthetic built, the efficiency of the unit, reliability, satisfaction of customers using the same. People would resort to trustworthy air conditioner brands to avoid complicated situations considering important reasons.

Let’s get a glimpse of the categories of AC that the brands offer:

Split system air conditioners

Split system AC are pocket-friendly units that add value to the decor of the home. These are efficient, perform high, and save your money on electricity bills. These wall mounted units add to the comfort of the user as they adjust the directional flow of air based on the stipulated levels of the room. The brands of many of the models come up with an inverter reverse cycle that adjusts heating and cooling as the climate change.

Wall-mounted or window air conditioners

Wall-mounted AC is contemporary that blends stylish factors, comfortable and provides value for money. These models have a reverse cycle inverter where heating and cooling is possible with the appliance.

Ducted Air conditioners

A ducted air conditioner has all the state-of-art features with two different units, one being an outdoor unit and another indoor unit and is noise-free. The attractive feeling is a feature called ‘Zoning’ which enables control of temperature in every single room of the house even during a day. These are very efficient and proven to be friendly concerning reduced electricity bills. The complete unit can be accessed from the wall attached remote device.

Portable air conditioners

These units, although are mentioned as portable, may not be that comfortable to move it around. It works in the same pattern of absorbing the humid air in the atmosphere and converting them into cool air and circulates it. Many models use water to cool the air to improve efficiency. This unit is likely to be noisier and is good enough to cool one person rather than the whole house or a room.

Top 5 trustworthy AC brands you can choose from

Taking into consideration diverse factors to choose the AC brand is provided with 5 points being the highest and 1 point being the least.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi heavy industries have been awarded under the category Best AC brand on the grounds of customer satisfaction and reliability of the brand. Hence this brand bags the first place. This has attracted many users for ease of installation and use, excellent energy efficiency, thereby resulting in reduced electricity bills. The quality of the filters is top-notch. There is a great level of satisfaction while using this in extreme weather conditions.


Kelvinator is great when it comes to trustworthiness, value for money, and ease of handling the equipment. Although installation is difficult in some cases, the users have it great for medium-sized to big sized rooms. The maintenance required is very minimal and is seen as a durable product.


The products of Panasonic are quite innovative with air purifiers built-in to the AC and also can be accessed through a smartphone. Air conditions of Panasonic are noiseless and keep the room cool as is expected. The product is known for reliability and it is powerful which makes it value for money.


Fujitsu products are of tremendous value for money and are suitable for a large house. The inverter facility in the unit makes it smart to convert to cooling or heating as is present in the room. The smartness of the AC is too much to take for some users but the reliability of the products is high.


Daikin is appreciated for the cooling power and affordability, but the energy star is somewhere between 2 to 4 stars which makes it less energy efficient, and the customer satisfaction is 3 making it less reliable.

The brand purchased by the user depends upon the existing user’s experience and how trustworthy the air conditioner brands are.

Most Creative Air Vent Designs In The Market

With the rise in global temperature all over the world, every household must-have commodity is an air conditioner. There have been a lot of changes since it was invented and this commodity which was available only for the affluent has become crucial equipment in every home.

Usage of air conditioners has proven a great deal of comfort and saves us from plenty of difficult situations not only huge industries and organisations but also normal set up to keep us cool.

AC not only beats the heat and the humidity also it helps in bringing home some conditioned air. Shouldn’t we know how the AC functions when we are very well aware of operating the same?

In many homes, during its construction, blocks are built behind the walls for air circulation to accommodate the air conditioning facility in the future.

The intention of constructing an air vent is to promote air circulation and allow air to your AC system to cool it or heat it as the case may be. The function of the AC system is to recirculate the air in the home and condition them for safe living. It helps in giving you safe air to breathe.

Top creative air vent designs available in the market

There are a plethora of air vent design options available in the market for residential and commercial setup. Based on the necessity, any kind of design can be installed at home or in a commercial property.

Let us first look at the options available for Residential and commercial set up:

Floor consoles

The floor console can be ideally positioned at the floor level. There are plenty of options to choose from and it can be placed on the wall near the floor or in a fireplace. This console gives the benefit of changing the mode from heating to cooling. It comes with a controller that enables setting up the optimum temperature for the efficient functioning of the air conditioners. The top and bottom vent enables uniform distribution of air throughout the room

Ceiling cassette systems

The cassette systems come with the controller which comes with an optional presence sensor. The direction of the breeze will depend on the people present in the room. It will automatically turn off if the room is empty. When people’s presence is felt, it will turn on.

Split systems

Split systems are available considering the aesthetic aspects into consideration. They are efficient, the performance of the same is commendable.

It adds to the decor of the home well within the budget as these sophisticated and contemporary units are so convenient to use and pocket friendly.

Multi split systems

Wall-mounted systems which are easy to use and are sleek and elegant. It comes in various forms like wall split, mini cassette, and bulkhead ducted indoor units. There is an abundance of options available with us.

This type of air conditioner enables efficient usage of energy and ensures comfort to the user. Although the unit is placed in one area of the home, the control can be individually placed in other rooms thus enabling conditioning as and when required.

Ducted systems

The ducted system is sought after by the majority of the population as this is an intelligent decision considering the look of the home. This type of air conditioner comes with a wall controller which gives access to all features.

Ducted systems help the user to save on electricity bills as these are energy efficient and the installation of the same can be done on the ceiling or under the floors.

Air stage VRF systems

The VRF air conditioner enables high levels of energy efficiency and is a relatively new technology. This system can be used in offices and for commercial set up providing the user full control and runs noise-free.

How Air Conditioners Changed The World

Yes, every wonderful innovation by mankind has given immense benefits to society.

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented air conditioner to serve industrial needs, as time passed by, once a luxury commodity became a necessity in all the households.

Before the invention of air conditioners, people kept themselves and their families cool by adopting various methodologies ranging from underground living, having an architectural design to maintain the optimum temperature for peaceful living, having dampened sheets in their living area to get cool air, when the breeze came through.

The way people started looking at having this commodity has moved from luxury to necessity as modern-day architecture has taken a paradigm shift with the rise in temperature, structural, and geographical changes.

Nearly 80% of the households own an AC typically to have a comfortable lifestyle today. AC is a prerequisite without which, the impact of the same is remorse. A day without an AC is unimaginable as that itself is an excuse for less productivity as the bigger chunk of the world population is still working from home.


Let’s ponder over how air conditioners have changed the world

In a magazine named Steelways, it was appreciated that “the air conditioning spread through the industry like a cool breeze.”

Cool the machines

The device you are using to read this blog, say computer, for the development of the same, initially Air conditioner was used to cool the system. It started with the cooling of machines to cool our minds.

Increased Productivity

We cannot deny the fact that the air conditioners had been a driving factor for people to carry on their work without a hassle. It provided an artificially created cool environment for people to live in peace

The productivity in the work will be a big question if the air conditioning facility is unavailable in the industry, corporate offices.

The increased productivity in the work provides a holistic improvement for the employees, which eventually leads to a successful organization.

Growth and development 

The growth and development of a state have to be cited to the utilization of AC. When the infrastructure of a state is on par with the development also majorly depends on the consumption of AC. The malls, restaurants, and shopping complexes are thronging with people to beat the heat outside.

Even after 30-40 years of its invention, AC was initially available to the affluent and the businesses. Now due to the change in the weather conditions, AC is exigent to many households, small businesses. Of late, we can see the utilization of air conditioners can be seen in transportation for the convenience of the public.

It is obvious that with the increase in the manufacturing and sales of the air conditioner the energy consumption for the functioning of the same has increased. There are proven stats that speak about the decline in the death rates arising out of heatwaves that had seen a sharp decline which was attributed to the usage of AC.

The repercussions of heatwaves and the intense impact on the health in a workplace, households are waived by the availability of air conditioners for everyone.