Best Commercial Air Conditioner Brands- All You Need to Know

There are several leading air conditioner brands that have carved their own niche in a hotly contested market. While there are a plethora of the best air conditioning units available, there are only a few commercial air conditioners that truly have the potential to deliver seamless and hassle-free cooling, reliability and long-lasting delight. 

On that note, there’s taking a look at some of the best air conditioner brands in the commercial category. 


  • Daikin 


Daikin is known for offering the best central air conditioners which ensure top-notch cooling for the whole area. Daikin’s best air conditioning systems have their own intelligence, keeping the space cool amidst Australia’s harsh summers and warmer in the winters. Daikin is a globally reputed brand with immense popularity and a high market share in Australia. The brand is synonymous with cutting-edge air conditioners that are ideal for commercial properties and homes alike. The indoor unit is likely to be placed under the floor or upon the ceiling with flexible ducts running throughout the area for ensuring smooth air circulation. The compressor is installed in the exterior of the property and the system can be programmed to operate in multiple zones. 

Some of the best air conditioner ratings have been observed for the ZENA product range at Daikin. This offers two-area intelligent eye, noise-less functioning, R32 refrigerant, wireless LAN connectivity and more. Ratings are also high for the new P Series wall mounted air conditioners which offer greater comfort, compact dimensions and ample energy efficiency. Key features include DRED (Demand Response Enabling Device), R32 Refrigerant and 3D Airflow. 


  • Panasonic


Panasonic is a globally reputed brand which has completed six decades in the industry. In Australia, Panasonic is one of the most reliable air conditioning solutions for various needs including homes, industrial areas, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, offices, schools and more. Panasonic has been synonymous with the spirit of innovation for more than a century, based upon the pioneering philosophies of Konoske Matsushita. Panasonic has a diverse lineup of air conditioners tailored to meet diverse needs in Australia. 


  • Mitsubishi Electric


One of the leading air conditioner brands in Australia is Mitsubishi Electric, offering premier cooling quality and comfort from 1967 onwards. Mitsubishi Electric operates in several other fields as well. Top commercial air conditioners at Mitsubishi Electric include wall mounted split systems for bigger and open-plan spaces, ceiling-mounted units, floor consoles and bulkhead units (ceiling concealed). There are cooling and heating solutions for whole homes or establishments with ducted technologies, energy efficiency, coverage for multiple areas and noise-less operations. 

Wi-Fi control enables the operation of air conditioners via tablets, online accounts and smartphones. You can link optional Wi-Fi control adapters for every indoor heating/cooling unit with control over COOL/HEAT modes, fan speed and temperature. Individual areas may be controlled similarly if there is a ducted system in place. Other smart features include compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, helping you power on/off the device, hear settings and more. Voice control is a key feature of these air conditioning units. 


  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries recommended by Choice


The choice is the foremost consumer advocacy entity in Australia and it has officially recommended a whopping 6 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries models that met its stringent testing procedures. The Bronte series has been acclaimed in Australia for its cooling prowess, R32 refrigerant for higher energy efficiency and cleaner air along lower bills in winters for families in Australia. The indoor units offer Allergen Clear and Photocatalytic Washable Deodorising filters with long reach airflow till 18 metres. These air conditioning units ensure consistency in temperatures along with silent airflow. Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone-based controls are also possible. The heating/cooling range compasses a wide variety of climates from -15°C to 46°C. 

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