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Air conditioning solutions for the modern homes

looking for a service provider for air conditioning in Randwick that can provide you the most economical and viable solution? Then your search ends at Elite Air Sydney. We’re specialists in dealing with all types or residential and commercial properties in Randwick with solutions that will be durable, reliable and affordable.

Classy look that complements the space

Modern properties usually have a very elite look and feel. The colors and furniture of today’s homes are very peculiar and so the appliances that will gel with such an ambience have to be chosen wisely. Our team of air conditioning specialists will recommend the installation of split system, Ducted air conditioning or Multi Systems air conditioning installation.

Air Con Randwick
The best cooling & Heating systems in Randwick

We stock multi systems, ducted air conditioning in Randwick systems as well as split systems. Basically, at our showroom, your spoilt for choice. If you are someone who wants his system on 24 hours a day all through the harsh summer months, make sure that you buy a system that is high on energy-efficiency. With the brands that we stock, being energy-efficient is a big priority. Let our expert consultants guide you and help you make a choice that you are happy with!

At Elite Aircon we continuously strive to make the processes energy efficient and at the same time keep it affordable for our customers. When it comes to commercial establishments affordability and thus energy efficiency are of even greater importance. However, making the system affordable does not mean we should compromise on the effectiveness.

If you are a property owner and  looking for a service provider for air conditioning in Randwick then contact us Elite Air Sydney for the best air conditioning solutions in Sydney. Call 02 9666 1237 or send an email on

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