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The best air conditioning in Annandale

The temperature shows no sign of giving reprieve to the people of Sydney and if you still haven’t invested in a high-quality air conditioning in Annandale, you are certainly missing out on something. If you have always experienced mall-like cooling with a tinge of regret because you never expect to get that kind of cooling at home, it’s time to stop! At Elite Air, we have the knowledge, expertise and stocks to make sure that you get the ultimate cooling in your home.

Elite air conditioning Sydney have been in operation in for a long time and the local people trust us to provide them with the cooling they need. Not only do you get to browse and choose from a selection of air conditioning systems at our store, you also get expert salespeople to help you arrive at a decision you won’t regret.

Servicing: Installation, repairs and maintenance

Elite Air Climate Control are a full-fledged servicing air conditioning business. We have trained and qualified professionals who are adept at handling and installing all kinds of systems. Whether it is a home, a manufacturing unit or an office, we understand that the needs are unique and we can adapt ourselves to provide our customers the very best air conditioning in Annandale possible.

If your system needs repairs or you think it is not giving you the kind of cooling you deserve, call us in and we will fix it for you. We can also do an annual check-up and fix the issues so that your system does not break up without notice!

Friendly and courteous service

At our business, we believe that friendliness and courtesy goes a long way. That is why we are always great to our customers. We are honest and hard-working professionals and thereby we charge by the job and not by the hour, which saves you money. Our quotations are provided within 24 hours of your request which is great because it means less time wasted to fix your system. We are prompt and are known for being on schedule.

Reasons to trust us for air conditioning in Annandale

  • 12-month guarantee on all the workmanship we perform.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee when you choose us.
  • Knowledgeable and expert salespeople at your service at the store.
  • Friendly and courteous service every time for installations, repairs and maintenance.
  • Services available for both homes and businesses.
  • No hidden costs which means that you pay us exactly what we quote.
  • Prices decided by job and not by the hour.

At the Elite Air, your cooling needs are certainly going to be met fully, no matter whether you need a system for your home, office or business.

Call us on our phone number 02 9666 1237 today or drop by at our store.

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