Air Conditioner Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Ignoring the proper air conditioning management will lead to increased energy bills and decrease your system’s efficiency; moreover, it requires a lot of bucks to repair it. Here are the top mistakes that you can avoid to protect your air conditioning system.

Not changing the air filters

If you are using your air conditioner daily, you must change your air filter three months once; it is much better to swap it out monthly. If it is summer, you must be using the air conditioners almost all the time, and during this time, your ac will be working hard; so it is a must to change and clean the air filters regularly. If you have pets, then you must change and clean your air filters very frequently. Also, avoid using AC during heavy rainfall as it can affect the filters.

Skipping regular maintenance

Often, people who own air conditioners believe that their AC only requires maintenance if it has a problem and tend to skip regular maintenance. However, it is essential to service your air conditioner, and you should not neglect the regular maintenance of your AC. In your AC, many components have to be worked together to provide you with better results. A trained technician will be able to identify potential issues before becoming a bigger problem. So it is advisable to have regular maintenance for your AC.

Blocking or closing the air vents

There is a common myth that you can save energy by closing all the vents and unused rooms in your house (by not cooling those rooms. However, it is not an effective way to save energy; instead, it can lead to comfort, efficiency, and performance issues.

Trying to cover your outdoor unit

Some people try to make their air conditioner’s outdoor unit blend within yards by planting flowers, trees, and many other plants around it. It may give a good look, but it is not a good idea; it will block the airflow to the condenser unit and make it more difficult for your air conditioner to cool your home. The air conditioner’s outdoor unit should not be covered and must be in an open place if you want to prevent common AC problems.

Placing appliances near the thermostat

If you are placing any lamps or other heat-producing appliances near your thermostat, it will cause your thermostat to think your home or room is warmer than it is. And this will make your air conditioner run longer than it needs to; which will unnecessarily suck a lot of energy to cool your room.

Cranking down the temperature

Most people have a misconception that the lower you set your thermostat, the faster your room will cool down. It is not true, whatever you set the thermostat on, your room will take the same time to cool down. If you set your thermostat at low, you may forget to change it back; it will waste a lot of energy and force your air conditioner to work hard even when there is no need.

Choosing the cheapest contractor

When you need to install or service your AC unit, mostly your mind will be tempting to choose the cheapest contractor you can find. This is a huge mistake because the cheaper the contractor is lower, the quality will be; they may provide duplicate or local spares during the service. And this may create frequent problems; so it is better to get an expertized and trained contractor to fix or service your AC.