AC Maintaining Tips To Remember When You Are Not Using AC For A Long Time

AC is an expensive electronic device, and it needs proper maintenance even when it is not in use. There are some easy and workable tips for appropriate AC maintenance that professional ac service providers often use.

  1. Regularly clean the filters.

Every AC will have a filter to give you safer and cleaner air. If you run AC regularly or if you did not use AC for a long time, then there is a high chance of filters getting dirty. These filters can get clogged with dust particles, lint, hairs, and other impurities. You should clean the filter once a month for a better result, and you should change it when needed. If you are using it after a very long time, you must clean or change the filter.

2.Take care of condenser coils and evaporator.

Just like the air filters, the coils (especially evaporator and condenser coils) in the AC can also become dirty. The outdoor coils can get clogged by debris, dust, even by a dead leaf; this makes your AC consume a lot of energy than usual, and also it will result in reduced airflow. If you did not run your AC for a long time, there is a high chance of getting dirtier coils. Therefore, it would help if you frequently clean the condenser coils and evaporator when regularly using or not using it for a long time.

3.Timely upgrade the AC unit

Suppose you use the same air conditioner for ten or more than ten years if you have used your air conditioner daily (like nearly 15 to 17 hours). If you have used your air conditioner for a very long period, you should consider upgrading your AC unit. This is because components for the AC unit has been developing regularly, and the newer or updated feature will ensure smoother and better performance.

4. Avoid the gaps

Let’s assume you are going out for a vacation, and you left your room’s window or door open with or without consciousness, then there is a high chance of your air conditioner getting dirty. Like dust particles can quickly enter into an empty room, and they can be deposited on the components of your air conditioner. So get rid of the gaps and make your air conditioner to be efficient. You can also try to cover the outer unit of your AC with a cover or at least by large clothes so that the inner and outer unit of your air conditioner will be safe from dust and other things.

5. Dismantle

You do not need to dismantle all the parts of your air conditioner, or you do not need to dismantle the whole unit, but dismantling a few pieces will give you a great result. For instance, the air filter in your air conditioner can be removed by yourself, and a simple effort can remove a few other factors like the condenser coil.

So you can consider dismantling the essential parts and keeping them in a safe place if you have planned not to use your air conditioner. You can cover your air conditioner’s indoor and outdoor unit to ensure its safety and efficiency.