6 Common Causes of Electrical Shocks at Home

In today’s day and age, one cannot expect a house to function smoothly without electricity. From the HVAC system to the doorbell, everything requires electricity to make the house liveable. But the thing with electricity is that it can be unpredictable, therefore you are likely to experience electric shocks! 

Here are a few reasons for electric shock in a household:

1. Faulty outlet/switch

In case an outlet or a switch is faulty or malfunctioning, electrical shocks are likely to occur. Outlets and switches receive their electrical current through a box that is further connected to the wiring. If any screw or wiring is loose in that box, or there is a problem with the wiring, or outlet/switch, electricity becomes unstable, and this can lead to electrical shock when you plug in an appliance or turn the light switch.

Apart from loose connections, any kind of damage such as frayed wiring, a cracked casing that provides less resistance and a bad path for electricity can cause electrical shock. Therefore, if you witness any burn marks, cracks, or sparks coming from your outlet, it is highly advised that you call Elite Air today and get it fixed right away!

2. Faulty Appliances

The thing with faulty appliances is that they don’t always channel electricity in a stable manner, and if you attempt to plug an appliance in, you are likely to receive an electrical shock.

The electrical currents become unstable when an appliance’s circuits, wiring, or cords are impaired. As a result, when you plug in the appliance, the unstable electricity will damage it as well as the cause will not only damage it but also give a shock to you.

3. Outdated Outlets

Believe it or not, an outlet doesn’t have to be damaged to emit electrical shock- it can happen even if it is old. Outdated outlets usually possess two-prong instead of the now common three. This means, the two-prong outlets possess no ground wire, which acts as an additional safety barrier in case of an unstable electrical current. . The ground wire gives unstable currents a passage to the ground instead of you or the other wires, this eliminates any occurrence of electric shocks. Without a ground wire, the two-prong outlets have no way to safely channel unstable electricity, hence, increased chances of shock.

4. Electricity touching water

Since water is a successful conductor of electricity, in case your electric outlet is in direct contact with water, it is recommended that you stay away from it and get it treated properly. Anybody of water can be turned into an electrical shock hazard by a submerged source of electricity. This can damage the electrical source as well, possibly ruining whatever appliance or device that may hold the current.

5. Lack in maintenance

Proper maintenance and service of your electric circuit are extremely crucial for the purpose of avoiding any unwanted electric shocks. Electric shocks are more likely to happen at home due to negligence.

Call Elite Air today and get your electric circuit and appliances serviced today by the most skilled technicians in town!

6. Improper handling of electricity

Since electricity can be unpredictable, it is very important to handle it with care. Make sure to follow the following guidelines to avoid any electrical shock:

  • Dry your hands before touching an outlet/switch.
  • Place plastic covers over your outlets if children are around.
  • Keep water sources and outlets, switches, and appliances at a safe distance
  • Never touch hot/live wire or any hot circuit.
  • Never perform any work on your electrical system without first consulting a professional.

Avoid the above mistakes, get the wiring installation done by the professionals and have a safe home!