4 Common Home Heating Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Be it winters or summers, we all want our home to be season ready. If it is hot, we need AC to keep the space cool, whereas most of us rely on heaters to keep the room warm and cosy during winters. Whatever may be the case, we have to pay attention to improve our home’s energy efficiency and avoid hot & cold spots. If not taken care of well, there will be a spike in our bills and problems with providing warm air to the house. Here are some common home heating mistakes that must be avoided.

  1. Heating an empty house

If we are out of the house for most of the day or away for the weekend, we should avoid heating it. The thermostat must not run continuously as it may lower the working efficiency and increase the bill. But we tend to forget to give a break to the system. There are programmable thermostats available in the market that allow you to set temperature throughout the day, thus helping you save money. This also enables you to warm up the house right before you enter automatically.

2.     Cranking up the thermostat

The house does not heat faster just by cranking the thermostat up. It will take the same amount of time to heat the room as it happens when we usually set the thermostat. It is detrimental to the heating system and makes it inefficient. This overdriving of the system will lead to unnecessary strain. Hence, it is advised not to crank up your thermostat and keep it at a moderate level.

3.     Not locking your windows and ignoring leaks, drafts

We always tend to close our windows, but do we lock them carefully? So, we must make sure that the windows are sealed tightly, or else the cold air from outside will infiltrate the home, and warm air will leak out. The warm air is also lost through leaks and drafts that are present. Sealing and caulking of these leaks will prevent the escaping heat.

4.     Not maintaining the system properly

Regular maintenance of the system will enable it to work efficiently, and help keep your electricity bills low. The air filter must also be regularly cleaned, or else the system has to work harder and use more energy. This also ensures that proper heat is supplied to the house. Small issues in the system must not be neglected and addressed immediately, or it may later become a bigger problem. Many service providers help you when it comes to maintaining your systems and you should always take help from an expert.

The pointers mentioned above are a must to ensure your home remains warm and there are no high power bills. So, if you carefully note these points and follow them, you can stay warm in your house and save a lot of money on your home energy costs.