10 things you should never do to your AC

There is a raft of air conditioner problems that households may face, right from a broken air conditioner to even other AC problems like water leakage, lack of refrigerant, and a lot more. You should not cross the fine line about doing a few things to your air conditioning unit or HVAC system. Here are some of these vital aspects that you should keep in mind above all else:

  • Ignoring diagnostic or warning lights- Most units have a mechanism of blinking lights and warning flashes, indicating any potential issues. Some units have digital diagnostics embedded into their display systems for this very purpose as well. If any warning light shows up, you should immediately contact a qualified and licensed service provider without any delays. We all know the effects of air conditioners on health, and neglecting these issues and running the machine despite the same, will not be a good move.
  • Not changing the air filter is one of the most significant sources of potential air conditioning health problems users face. Most homeowners should aim to address these problems by themselves. This is one of the key reasons behind the failure of any system to perform cooling/heating suitably. A fresh filter will help the system is operating smoothly while enhancing overall efficiency greatly. You should replace the filter at least every 30-60 days as per recommendations from most manufacturers.
  • Never cleaning or servicing the AC unit- More air conditioner problems will keep surfacing with the unit’s aging. Therefore, you will periodically require the AC blower to be cleaned and pulled along with getting the condenser coil or evaporator suitably cleaned. These processes will make the system last for a long time while helping you cut down on energy bills. In addition, excellent good and thorough cleaning are vital in the winter season since dust and soot may build up inside.
  • Skipping scheduled maintenance- Scheduled and recommended maintenance is the key to solving ac problems and keeping the unit functioning smoothly without any hassles. There are solid reasons behind owner’s manuals being included by manufacturers when new cooling/heating equipment is purchased. This will have maintenance guidelines and recommendations along with safe operating instructions. Not skipping maintenance will help in saving energy bills while also combating possibilities of major breakdowns later on.
  • Never scrutinizing levels of AC refrigerant- Not possessing suitable refrigerant pressure leads to cooling, which is unreliable and lower efficiency overall. It will also lead to costly repairs down the line. You should not neglect this aspect by all means.
  • Running an air conditioner despite the possible low charge will reduce the system’s life significantly, leading to severe issues shortly.
  • Operating the air conditioner in severely cold temperatures- These machines are not made to operate in severely low and cold temperatures. This will only damage their compressors along with other working parts.
  • Pushing the thermostat excessively- Do not excessively push down your thermostat as much as possible in summers when it feels hot! This will not cool your house any swifter or better, and it will never touch the desired point you wish for. Furthermore, you can damage the system with this tactic and ruin the compressor eventually.
  • Allowing unqualified service personnel to repair/service the unit or DIY-ing- Even if you love your DIY activities, make sure that you call experienced and qualified service personnel for AC repairs and maintenance. Do not allow any unqualified technician to work on your air conditioning system.
  • Not choosing an annual maintenance plan- You should aim to get the air conditioning system to run reliably by carefully choosing your yearly maintenance plan. Never make the mistake of not opting for such a system. Instead, you should choose a plan which offers an opportunity to nip potential issues in the bud above all else.

These are the 10 things that you should never do to your air conditioning unit by all means! However, following these tips will help you enjoy superior and hassle-free cooling throughout the year.