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Elite Air Climate Control is an Australian owned and run airconditioning company in the heart of Sydney. We specialize in domestic and commercial air conditioning installation Sydney to any situation and budget.

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There is no problem we cannot fix with your air conditioner. We are one of the easiest services to deal with because of our flexibility and years of experience. We also understand things from our client’s prospective and keep your best interests in mind when working on your unit.

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Client Testimonials

Over the years a growing number of people have chosen and continue to choose our service because we are reliable and professional. We have a rock solid reputation for offering customers the highest quality and best value in the way of sales, maintenance, and installation of air conditioning units in NSW.

AC heating unit for home and office is an ideal choice to keep the space warm during extreme temperature drop. Be it a central heating unit or a split, the right installation is the key to proper functioning AC heating units.

Before the choosing your air conditioning installation in Sydney, Here are the top factors to keep in mind.

1. Quality

The specification of AC plays a major role during air conditioning installation. While installing, hire only a professional so that you dont have to do any changes frequently.

2. Size

The size of the AC heating unit plays a vital role in providing comfort, durability, and efficiency. If you have a small unit, it might fail to warm up the entire house during extreme cold weather.

3. Efficient Ductwork

For air conditioning in Sydney, good ductwork is important, a small leakage can drastically affect the heating process and can shoot up the electricity bill. Elite Air Climate Control ducted air conditioning Sydney service provider make sure, final work is done with perfection.

4. Air Quality

Outside air quality has a major impact on the performance of the air conditioner system and overall health. Get Elite Air Climate Control to sort it out for best performance and installation of AC heating unit.

Different type of AC Installation Services

Each air conditioning heating unit is different and needs unique attention and service. Elite Air Climate Control has a team of experts for the proper aircon installation. Here is a wide array of air conditioning repairs in Sydney options.

Residential and Commercial AC Installation Includes

Split Systems - The sleek and stylish unit is perfect for both home and office space. A cost-effective solution to control the climate in a hassle freeway.

Ceiling Cassette Systems- A discreet solution to experience supreme performance. This innovative solution elevates comfort factor and decor.

Multi-Split Systems - The slim and voguish system can regulate the temperature in a short time. It is an energy-efficient choice and air conditioning installation in Sydney can be done without hampering home exteriors.

Floor Consoles- An ideal choice for those who want to position the AC heating unit on the floor. A comfortable choice for modern home space.

Ducted Systems - It is suitable for both commercial space as well as home. The set up needs a small space and comes with advanced technology.

VRV Systems- This type comes with a Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC system and offers a high level of energy efficiency within budget.

Wall-mounted Systems- This is a compact, stylish, and efficient choice. It is a perfect match for commercial air conditioning in Sydney.

Why Elite Air Climate Control is your one-stop destination?

When it comes to air conditioning installation in Sydney, trust only the experts. Our expert team understands that every space is unique, our focus is to deliver the right fit for your space within your budget. For Elite Air Climate Control timely delivery and perfection are not a choice but a habit.